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Residential Lawn Care, LLC:

Providing outstanding Crystal lawn care services at a budgeted price. No hassle. No surprise fees-ever.


Expert Crystal lawn care services that leave your grass and landscape looking clean and happy.

Not all Crystal lawn care businesses are created equal. At Residential Lawn Care LLC, our focus is to keep your house looking like a home. We keep things tidy, neat, and looking great weak after weak as if it were our own home we were caring for. Our monthly service plans keep the pricing the same, month to month, which means no surprise charges–ever. Our lawn care packages include mowing, spring dethatching, clean-ups (spring AND fall), and more. Learn more…

About Our Service
Crystal Lawn Care | Residential Lawn Care, LLC


No plows. Just good ‘ol blowers and shovels. We keep  your lawn and concrete damage-free.

Our by-hand approach to snow removal keeps your property intact and damage free.

It’s your house you shouldn’t have to deal with torn up yards in the spring, noisy plows, banged up driveways, and huge mounds of snow that are visual hazards for you while you try to leave your driveway! For these reasons, we will use a shovel or a snowblower to clear your snow every time. Unlike many other services, we do a complete job, including your driveway, steps, sidewalks, and end of driveway plow mound. We also don’t charge extra for touch ups and extra visits. Learn more...

About Our Service

Additional Services by Residential Lawn Care, LLC

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Spring and fall, your lawn will stay healthy when the seasons change.

Pressure Washing

Keep your siding and concrete clean and free of webs and wasp nests.


De-thatching gets rid of the dead and makes room for the new.

Gutter Cleaning

Prevent ice dams and other damage caused by clogged gutters.

If you are looking for lawn care look no further than Ryan. Ryan has taken excellent care of my yard for several years. Not only is he dependable and well priced, his attention to detail places him above the rest.
My yard always looks so good after he has been here.

Lisa T.Happy Customer in New Hope, Minnesota

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