Residential Lawn Care, LCC: Our Philosophy of Service

Residential Lawn Care, LLC hears from customers regularly that our service is top notch, and that’s because everything we do is geared towards “keeping your house looking like a home” at a budget-friendly cost.

We believe in providing complete services at a budgeted price. Our lawn service includes a spring cleanup with a complimentary de-thatching, during the summer we will make weekly visits to your home to mow or access if it would be harmful to mow during a drought. If we are in a drought we will still blow debris off your driveway & walkways keeping your house looking like a home. Come fall we continue making weekly visits maintaining your leaves keeping your house looking like a home. Once the majority of all leaves are down we will perform a thorough final cleanup. Get Instant Estimate…

Crystal Lawn Care Mowing Services
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Lawn Mowing Service

With the exception of your lawn being heat stressed, Residential Lawn Care, LLC  will mow once a week. Mowing service includes string trimming. And, at a minimum, we will blow our debris out of landscaping, and off driveways and walkways. We change mowing to acceptable height for the time of year, with the range being between 2.75 and 4 inches.

We only use equipment that is easy on the turf with as few wheels on the ground as possible. we own 21” 32” & 52” mowers. Image & cleanliness are important to us. After all out in the field it’s our advertisement.

Blades are sharpened every 5-10 hours. Depending on the season and conditions, we will rotate between hi-lift, standard lift, and mulching blades.

We have established some of the best lawn care practices in the industry by alternating mowing patterns, only using sharp blades so your grass tips aren’t frayed and brown. Upon entering warmer temperatures, we will mow taller so you won’t need to water as much; if your lawn is completely heat, stressed we won’t mow. But…! Depending on your curb appeal, we may mow at a high setting to bring your lawn’s surface to an even height, while keeping as much of the plant as possible to help it shade itself.

The University of Minnesota has a great article on lawn clipping management, and they (along with many other studies) have found that it is not recommended that you catch grass clippings because it helps provide natural nutrients for your lawn. However, we can–on occasion–bag them for an extra charge.

We will string trim along your landscape edging, house/buildings, and trees. We do not string trim inside landscape areas.

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Snow Removal Service

Residential Lawn Care, LLC provides a “No-Plow” snow service. It’s your home; it’s where you relax: you shouldn’t have to deal with noisy plows, torn up yards in the spring, banged up driveways, and huge mounds of snow that are visual hazards for you and your family while you try to leave your driveway! That’s why we don’t plow to clear your snow.  We will use a shovel or a snowblower to clear your snow every time–ensuring clear views of from your driveway, while keeping your driveway damage-free.

What's Better About Our Snow Service?
Unlike many other snow removal service providers Residential Lawn Care, LLC does a complete job. This includes:

  • your driveway
  • steps
  • sidewalks
  • end of driveway plow mound
  • We also don’t charge extra for touch ups and extra visits.
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Clean-Up Service

Fall cleanups are INCLUDED with our standard yard service, and are performed on a weekly basis. Many companies perform 1 maybe 2 cleanups, leaving your home looking unkempt. It’s Residential Lawn Care, LLC’s goal to keep your house looking like a home. We will clean the leaves off your walkways, patios, and driveway and mulch your leaves into the yard.  On-call, non-scheduled cleanups are done after our routed work is complete. Please understand that a live quote must be given, and that on-call cleanups are not covered by our instant estimator.

We will bag excess material at our expense.

Our final cleanup occurs when at least 95% of the leaves are down. With this cleanup, we will also address leaves in landscape and garden areas.

Crystal Lawn Care Fall Cleanup
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Spring cleanups include blowing debris out of gardens and landscaping and cleaning the foliage off common perennial plants (tall grasses, hostas, etc.).

We also run a dethatching rake over your lawn. Many companies charge extra for perennial cleanups, and dethatching.

But we believe in doing those duties are common-sense spring cleanup duties. All debris will be placed into a compostable paper bag and left at your curb. Most garbage haulers charge $3-6 per bag and that’s a price we can’t compete with. Many companies charge for hauling your bags away.

Spring and fall cleanups are included with our lawn care services!
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Dethatching & Aeration Service

Dethatching is done in the spring and is included with our lawn care service.

Dethatching can help prevent snow mold and other diseases and overall improving the growing conditions by:
  • Allowing the oxygen into the roots
  • Helps water and nutrients reach the soil
  • Helps with deeper root growth

Spring aeration is beneficial as it’ll allow your lawn to take advantage of the spring showers. It is however highly recommended that a pre-emergent fertilizer is applied immediately after.

Fall aeration is great because of cooler temps and fall showers. After a fall aeration it may be beneficial to apply grass seed to give you a thicker and fuller lawn the following spring.

What separates our aeration service from the competition?
  • we call 811 because technically we are digging and it’s the law
  • we use a hooker style aerator which takes aeration 1 step further and breaks up the plugs

It’s your home and it shouldn’t look like you were visited by a flock of geese!

Currently, we only aerate yards with a minimum gate size of 52 inches or a section of gate that we can temporarily remove.

Dethatching and aeration are included with our lawn care service!
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Crystal Lawn Care Gutter Cleaning
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Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutter cleaning is an on-call service and is generally recommended to be performed in June after trees have dropped their seeds and buds. We also recommned gutter cleaning in conjunction with your fall cleanup. We only offer gutter cleaning to customers with our lawn customers who have a single story home, and a gently pitched roof.

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Power Washing Service

Our pressure washing service keeps your deck and driveways clean and free of Mother Nature’s stain. Our pressures are firm and get off the grime, but wont’ damage your walk or deck. Got tough stains in your driveway? We’ll get them looking much better! We don’t offer a deck staining service, but we can recommend a great contractor.

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